The Summer of Jeff

The name “Summer of Jeff” shamefully comes from Seinfeld and the Summer of George.

Anyway, this upcoming summer could be called the “Summer of Jeff”. There are so many blessings. I am so excited! Here is a summary of my plans:

– May 16 –

Exams end. My Junior year of college is over…

– May 20-27 –

I will be traveling to Panama for a week with Calvin College’s chapter of Global Business Brigades. Our group will be spending a week in rural Panama doing microfinance consulting with an indigenous community native to Panama called the Emberra. This will be my second visit to this community in Panama. I look forward to reestablishing relationships and starting new relationships.

– May 29 –

I start my internship at Partners Worldwide. I will be volunteering at Partners Worldwide at their Grand Rapids office every Tuesday during the summer. The most exciting part of this experience is I will be able to sit in on their Global Team meetings every Tuesday morning! I am excited to be able to learn more about what Partners Worldwide does on a weekly basis, and help them fulfill their mission to reduce global poverty by encouraging and equipping entrepreneurs.

– May 30 –

I start my actual paying job for the summer at the Calvin College Seminars in Christian Scholarship office. I will be working in this office all summer assisting in any capacity necessary. I am very excited for this experience but especially for The Economics of Global Poverty seminar in mid July. This will bring a group of researchers and college professors who all study economics, poverty alleviation, and all within the context of Christianity. I can’t wait to hear and learn what these people are studying and researching.

– June 14-18 –

I will be taking a group of middle school guys to YoungLife camp. This is sure to be one of the best weeks of my summer. I get to hang out with middle schoolers all week and walk with them as they are introduced and taught about Jesus and the gospel.

– Augusts 9 –

I will be leaving for a semester in Ghana through a Calvin College off campus program. I have been given the opportunity to spend the fall semester of my senior year of college studying in Ghana. With a group of 17 other students, I will be studying at the University of Ghana. This will truly be a life-changing experience.

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